Is buying a car online the way to go?

Have you ever wondered how you can buy a car online?  This is a question that raises some serious interest among most people.

Here is my answer to you regarding the purchase of your next vehicle.  Buying online works and can be an easy way to find out information or purchase a car.  The hard part regarding this type of purchase is the level of trust with the dealership and how well they treat their customers.  I have managed internet departments for over 3 years and now I am back selling cars on the showroom.  One of the things that I have noticed in both areas of the dealership is that people are predominately looking for a relationship first (can you be trusted) and a vehicle second.  I have found that my best clients come with a friendship.  Sometimes having a salesperson that you have a relationship with can be your best asset when it comes to problems as well as finding another vehicle.  Most of my customers that have purchased from me prior always have a high priority.  What I am trying to say when you know their name and they know yours, things just seem to go much smoother.  You both trust each other and you respect one another since you have done business before.

So when you’re looking for your next vehicle just ask for me. Maybe I can be the one to help you.


Matt Scott

Toyota of the Black Hills

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