Car Shopping can be a real pain in the neck…

Are you frustrated with the car buying process? This is not unusual in todays changing market place. You have the internet with vehicle options everywhere, you can research at Edmunds, check prices at and, you can even negotiate online now for a vehicle that you have never driven. Keep in mind there are over 980 models to choose from 33 different manufacturers.  This is the new phenomenon in every market in the world today, they call it the long tail in retailing check it out here The Long Tail So how can you decide what to get? Make a list just like you would before you go get some groceries. Color? Options? Size? Seating? Engine? Horsepower? Fuel Economy? Just remember these are just the starting points. Now narrow it down to the models. Inspect them all online first, use a good source, Next ask around and get a referral to a good salesperson who has been in the business for a long time this will help if you purchase a vehicle you know they will be there when you need them. Narrow it down and make the decision, your research would have been worth it. I hope this helps you in the confusing world of buying an automobile!


Matt Scott
Toyota of the Black Hills

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