Are You Kidding Me I filled up last night Gas Is at $3.25 a gallon…glad I had a Prius……


I just got back from Delivering a brand new Prius to Chadron last night….I was at 44.2 mpg when I arrived…not to bad for a cold and windy night of driving at an average speed of 68 mph.  I was impressed with the Prius on the road, I had a heavy cross wind that was coming across the front of the car, it was amazing how planted the Prius is on the road.  It is smooth and doesn’t get moved around by the wind very easily…….one thing of note that makes it so much better in the wind is the vehicles low coefficient drag of .25  this means that it cheats the wind better than any car made.

So I guess I should talk about the title of the article.  I paid $3.25 a gallon for the cheap fuel at the pump.  Now I don’t know about you, but that definitely got my attention.  If you are considering a purchase on a fuel sipper of a vehicle.  I am happy to report that I have many in stock that you can come and get today!!!

When you are ready for a new or used vehicle at Toyota of the Black Hills, come see me Matt Scott I will be glad to help you anytime I can.


Matt Scott

Sales Consultant

Toyota of the Black Hills

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