Happy New Year from Matt Scott at Toyota of the Black Hills

Well it is finally here 2012.

It was a rather interesting year.  I was the the number #2 sales guy at Toyota of the Black Hills.   I had a good year and was glad to meet all of my new customers and their families.  I also had a great year for repeat and referral customers and I want to say thanks for all of you mentioning my name when anyone you know started talking cars.   I am thankful to get to see all of my previous customers who have become friends over the years here (going on 7 this year).

Some thoughts on the coming year.  I know that I have set some New Years Goals and I look forward to attaining them….#1 Lose weight…I want to drop about 65 lbs…gained about 35 over the 4 years and that is not working well… I also want to take my girls to Disney World in August or October.   Other than that I will continue to do my best here at Toyota of the Black Hills and I am glad we have done business together.   And I want to say    thank you.

Happy New Year.

Matt Scott

Toyota of the Black Hills

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