Winter Survival Ideas from Matt Scott @ Toyota of the Black Hills

Wow, where is the Winter?  Is your vehicle ready when it hits?

As you know we have been blessed with some amazing weather for the first part of the year here in South Dakota. Let’s hope it will continue.

With winter still lingering on the calendar, we still may not be out of the weeds.  Here is a list of few things that should help you and your family members this winter.

#1  Have your vehicle professionally serviced prior to winter.   Make sure you get the antifreeze tested as well as the battery.
#2  Check your tires.  If worn replace with new ones or get a New Vehicle from me!
#3  Have you Differentials serviced in a 4wheel drive it you are over 60k miles.  These will be working overtime on snow and ice.

Here are some tips for travel.
1.  Always have a plan and let someone know when you left and when you expect to arrive.
2.  Have plenty of water.  Always carry water when you travel in a vehicle you cannot stay hydraded with melted snow fast enough in most cases.  Tip:Keep in a cooler with no ice, it will not feeze in your trunk as fast as out in the open.
3.  Have some warm blankets or sleeping bags.
4.  Keep a candle for warmth and some matches.
5.  Small amount of sand can work if you want extra traction.
6.  Tow Strap
7.  Snacks or some sort of energy bars.
8.  Charged Cell Phone  or an extra battery.
9.  Extra gloves, hats and an extra Jacket.  I always have an extra coat, it never fails to be on one side of South Dakota and not be prepared for the other side.
10.  Flashlight and extra batteries.  I have one of the LED kind and it works great if should have to signal someone.
11.  Always travel with as much fuel as possible.
12.  If you happen to get stuck on busy interstate.  Don’t leave your car if you are in the road.  The car has a safety structure designed to help you survive an accident.  Call for Help immediatly.
13.  If you end up in the ditch or off the road.  Make sure to keep the tail pipe clean from impending snow.  This is a serious safety hazard.
14.  If you have snow on the road drive with the traffice don’t worry about getting there first.  Drop your speed based on conditions.

These are just a few ideas I hope you have good travels and enjoy the rest of our winter.

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